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Sex contacts with escort ladies, girlfriend sex, escort agencies, brothels and customers - here everyone will find whom he is looking for, and can contact anyone directly.

With this community we bring the oldest trade in the world into the 21st century!

“We understand the sexual services industry as an integral part of a balanced society and offer escorts and their clients a tailored social network for an open, fair and successful exchange. "


In contrast to prostitution, the term "sexworker", which comes from the English language and the scene itself, signals the confident assertion of self-determined work. As generic term it combines all service offerers in the Erotic-scene: Escorts, Homeworker, Stripper, porn actor, Camsex offerer etc. Since there is so far no ideal translation with positive self-understanding, we use the term "Escort" on


We consider sex work to be an equal occupation (or vocation) alongside other trades in which clients benefit from the sexual services of escorts. The neutral term "customer" makes it clear that this is a business relationship and transfers the business from the environment into the normal business world. We strictly condemn all forms of exploitation of sexual service providers, on the contrary: we support all forms of independent sex work.


Our community welcomes anyone interested in the sex work industry. We will continue to provide the majority of the features and services for free, and in no case would ask a member to buy something they do not want.


Respect and fairness are the cornerstones of a lustful and self-confident community. A respectful interaction with each other and a mutual appreciation allow the establishment of a trusting contact and a date on fair terms for both sides.


We provide our members with a clear and intuitive interface to interact quickly, efficiently and successfully. Although is conceived as a community and social network, we are aware that our members are pursuing a business model that they wish to successfully implement and provide all the necessary resources.

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