Links and Banner Exchange

Welcome to the Links and Banner Exchange section, where you will have banner ads displayed from our escorts, in a variety of designs and formats. The displayed banner ads can be exchanged for credits which will then be converted into ads that will be displayed on your site. Browse through the selection of banners, and once you find the one that suits your advertisement, you should copy the code on your website. For the process to go through, you will then need to contact us and we will see if everything is corrected with the given requests. The process of this type of exchange is rather simple; you are allowed to advertise on our site, in exchange for the same privilege given to us.

Of course, for the first timers, this could be confusing, and if you have any questions concerning how this works, you are more than welcome to contact our customer support, who will then explain everything you need to know. The banner exchange networks can differ quite a lot, and thus sometimes, it might not be the clearest how this particular Links and Banner exchange will work. For the confusion to completely disappear, you should not hesitate and simply contact us for more information instead, as you might also want to talk about different traffic disposals. If you would like to receive immediate quality customers on your escort site, you should take your time and learn more about the Links and Banner exchange. Protection Status